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Postpartum Depression

Will you have more children?

I'm one of the OCD/anxiety ladies but this question actually can apply to anyone on this board. I'm doing much better now than I was initially, and DD is only 7 months old so I know I have a lot of time, but when I think about having another LO and going through it all again (which I feel like I will considering I still have my bad days at 7 months PP) it makes me feel sick. Yet, I feel that it is selfish of me to deprive DH and DD of another child/sibling. We have definitely decided to wait at least 4 years and only have one more (other reasons besides my PP issues) and maybe when that day comes I really will be ready. But sometimes I feel like this disorder has robbed me of the ability to look forward to becoming pregnant again and completing our family. I worry about how I will handle pregnancy and the PP period all over again.


Re: Will you have more children?

  • Yes, yes, and yes! I know it sounds crazy, because I went through hell battling OCD with horrifying intrusive thoughts when my daughter was born. As you know, I still experience that anxiety from time to time. All that being said, if and when I were to begin to feel anxious or depressed after another baby, I will recognize the signs and will not be afraid to speak up and get support. At the end of the day, there is no greater joy than the love you feel for your child, and although I might not be ready in this moment, I know I will be. I've made such great strides since the summer, and am taking everything day to day.
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  • Absolutely!  I now know how to manage things.  My PPD was horrible after DS 1 and I was terrified of having DS 2.  Things have been WAY easier with DS 2.  I know what to watch for.  I have an idea how to be a mother.  I know who to ask for help.  And I know it gets better.  After DS 1, I swore up and down that I'd never have another child.  Don't feel bad that you're not ready now.  That doesn't mean you won't be ready some day.  And you're not being selfish.  Have hope. 
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  • I'm in a different field, long-term chronic depression before PPD, I wasn't sure if I wanted kids to begin with, high-risk pregnancy, and DH isn't pushing for more children. So, no, I don't plan on another one. The good news is since you've experienced it already, you will be more prepared and probably have an easier time recognizing when things start to get bad. If you really want another child, go for it! But on that note, don't feel like you're being selfish or robbing someone else of their choice, it is your choice too.
  • I remember feeling the exact way you did.  Totally wasn't ready to even think about baby #2 and my DH was ready ready ready.  It was so frustrating that I felt that before pregnancy I was this person who wanted like 3 kids and after I felt like I might never have more.  After I recovered from my PPD/A I started to feel like maybe I could have another child and did want one.  That starting to feeling finally turned into a definate yes.  We are expecting baby #2 the May and I couldn't feel more excited!  It took a while but I got "here" and feel totally normal and excited about his pregnancy.   If anything I feel that my bout with PPD/A made me more aware of what can happen and I feel good knowing I know what to expect should it happen with this one.
  • Thank you for the responses ladies! I am pretty sure that I will have another child at some point, but right now even thinking about it gives me anxiety! I think I just need time, but as some of you mentioned, I will be more aware of myself and feelings next time.
  • I had postpartum psychosis with suicidal thoughts.  I was then diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  My psychotic features only happened one time with an auditory hallucination, so my psychiatrist did not think I needed hospitalization, thank God.  My pregnancy was kind of a disaster all around and with the post partum issues, I was very afraid of having another child.  Now I have a new complex medical diagnosis, which makes it even scarier.  But here I am.  Pregnant again.  Am I scared of history repeating itself?  Yes.  But the thought of holding that teeny little wonderful person in my arms overcame my fear.  This may not be the case for everyone, but it's what did it for me.
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