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did you change your mind about the milk? it's totally understandble if you did, really!! my friend is just soooooo excited and i want to let her know either way.

again--she will totally understand if you want to keep it!! she's just giddy at the thought of getting some Stick out tongue

09/21/09 and 08/16/2011 image

Re: *****rssn*****

  • only paging you here because i think i have the wrong email address...
    09/21/09 and 08/16/2011 image
  • Hey! NO, I'm SO STOKED! I'm so sorry I haven't gotten back to you--DS's been sick again over the long weekend and we had ILs in and out (and now back in again). I'm emailing you back right now. :-)
    Dear Bump: You suck.
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