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Safe to ditch the insert? PIP

LO is 2 months and about 12 pounds.  When I use the insert it feels bulky and less comfortable than it used to.  Took some pics witout the insert and wanted to make sure it was safe to go sans insert.  Any insight would be appreciated.  TIA!

P.S.  I apologize, I look a hot mess!

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Re: Safe to ditch the insert? PIP

  • I never use the insert.  For me, using the Ergo is more about the sturdiness of LO (head/back control)... the Ergo works for me when LO is no longer a squishy wet noodle.  It seems like your LO is ready, she looks good to me in your pictures.  If she seems comfortable and feels sturdy, I would go with it.
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  • Your LO looks good. I folded up a smaller recieving blanket and put it in the ergo under LOs bottom for a little bit when he was younger to give him a little extra support. But as long as LO's back is straight and supported she should be good to go :)
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