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Need advice...

My hubby is a Marine and will be deployed during the birth our daughter. Knowing this is taking a toll on both of us. He's very disappointed he won't actually be here but, his command has told him that they will set up a private room so he can be present via Skype. I want to do something special for him before he leaves...give him something that will be meaningful since he will miss the birth and our other to boys ( and of course, me!) Any ideas?? This is our 1st deployment and I want him to know how much he's loved!


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  • Record baby's heartbeat and send it with him-- I think they have special bears or something you can put the recorded heart beat in, I'll have to look for a link
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  • It sounds like you want to do something special for before he leaves and I really don't have any suggestions besides make every moment count. MH has been gone since about week 19 and he will miss the birth of our first baby. I try to keep him as up to date as possible. I send him a bump picture every week. And, I always give him reports when I go to the doctor just so that he'll feel involved. I did get a heartbeat bear, as the pp suggested,  at my 3D/4D scan. If that is not an option, if you have something like a Build-A-Bear nearby, they have recorders you can buy that run around $8. You can take the recorder to your OB appointment and record the heartbeat from the doppler and put it in a bear. DH loves his. I also did a scrapbook for DH that chronicled our courtship and marriage and sent it to him for Christmas. He likes to have gifts that are hands on where he can actually "see" us together, if that makes sense.  And, he loves hand-written letters and actually printed photos because they are always available to him and they feel more "real" than email. These things work for me and MH. Only you know YH and what will be most meaningful to him. It sucks when they have to be away during big events like this, but all we can do is try to make it as personal as possible from 1000s of miles away.
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  • You could pack a special little bag with some of your things (like a shirt on a small bear, pictures, what ever means the most to the two of you, a toy from baby with the heartbeat, something with your voice on it).
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