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Funny Monday

So - it's a holiday here, I'm sitting with my foot elevated and iced (yeah, wrecked the bloody thing). I'm in need of entertainment. So, post your recent funny stories that your dc's have done.

K has been sleepwalking lately. She got up Saturday night, walked out of her room and into the bonus room passed DH who was watching TV. He asks her what she was doing, she says nothing and continues on into our bedroom, and into the bathroom. He goes running after her, and before he could do anything, she pees in the middle of the floor, and continues on back to her room. DH grabs her and changes her jammies, and sticks her back in bed. All with no response from her.

And no help from me, I was downstairs, listening, and laughing so hard at DH I had tears running down my face. He was squealing like a little girl, and saying "OMG, stop!", it made it funnier. Best part is, she did it to him again last night!! I think we'll need puppy pads or something. She also has to go passed their bathroom to go to the bonus room, so she's really out of it.

L is a sleepwalker too, and he started doing this around the same age. The last time he did that was November. Walked into our kitchen and peed on the floor. Both kids deny any memory, and also deny doing it. As K puts it, "What the heck, I pee in the potty, not on the floor, DUH!"

Oh - and S has a new phrase: GO AWAY. Lovely.

Re: Funny Monday

  • OMG.. that's hilarious!  I dated some random guy years ago who got sloppy drunk and in the middle of the night, I woke up to him peeing in the middle of the room.  That relationship didn't last too long.

    So.. lemme think.   Charles says such random funny shiit all the time.   A while back he was in that half-awake/half asleep state.  Sat straight up in bed and said, "Tractors?????" and then laid right back down.

    Oh.. another one.  The other night DH was putting him to bed and I was in the next room, the laundry room, getting stuff out of the dryer.  Charles was really sleepy and kept saying very emphatically, "What is going on???????"  Very good enunciation, apparently.


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  • Hahahaha...

    I slept walked a lot as a child. When I was 10 my mom was having a drink with my uncle in the kitchen. I apparently passed them in them then, when my mom asked what I was doing I responded, "Oh, I'm going to get my mom. Be back in a sec," then I walked towards the front door. 

    And yeah, DS is all about, "Stop it! You're bugging me,"  right now.

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  • funny!  Watch where you walk!  Hope your foot is ok.

    I'll PIP instead of sharing a story....

    That's my boy!

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  • Ha! Love it. Kids are so funny (the dam park!), and love the PIP. I  love the stories, even the random drunk exes!

    And, yeah, not sure about the foot. We're not sure if it's broken or pulled, but it's been over a week. It's been x-rayed, but apparently the small bones don't show up well and it's in the middle of my foot. The MD that saw me was an a$$hat - I won't get into that yet. So if it's still this bad in a couple of days, I'll need a bone scan.

    So, just for fun, picture me (well, whatever you think I'd look like), hobbling after kids tearing around the house, sounding a lot like Momma from "Throw Momma From the Train". OMG, Owen doesn't have any friends. Well, I don't really sound like that, but I was being goofy like that.

  • Enjoyed reading the funny things your LOs do. DS and I have been playing hide (I hide) and seek  over the last two days. Him being in the walker. When he finds me, he screams and laughs very loudly. As much as my ears hurt, I enjoy the game:)) 

     gimmietimmies, I hope your foot gets better soon!

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  • Aw! That is cute, and thanks. If it doesn't, I'll just order a new foot.
  • Can I extend this to Tuesday?   Too funny stories ladies, I enjoyed them.

    DS needed a diaper change while I was making dinner, I told him to go ask daddy.  An hour later I find him playing, and asked, did Daddy change your diaper?  yes, he did was the reply.  I felt his diaper, and it was soaked.  I said, Joey, your diaper is soaking wet, are you lying to me?  He said, I'm not lyin', I'm a little boy.    Made me giggle all through dinner. 

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  • funny video - my son is on the left, my friend's son on the right.  They were "talking" to each other and we were all cracking up!!

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  • We are in the "no" stage of life.  When he is frustrated with us, every thing is answered with a plantive "NOOOOO."  This morning, we were going through the no litany when DH threw in, "Do you want candy?"  Michael perked up and replied "Candy???"  He is paying attention
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  • "Dam park" funny! My DS loves my older DS's dog. He thinks it's hilarious whenever the dog runs back and forth and the dog know's it so he runs for the baby. It's to cute. And the dog makes sure when running by the baby to be extra careful.

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