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Need advice/guidance....

OK, so I lost my mucas plug about an hour ago....spoke to the doctor, he said this is normal...yada, yada, yada.  What happened next for those of you that lost yours?  Did you go into labor, days, weeks later?  I'm just kind of wondering what to expect next! 

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Re: Need advice/guidance....

  • Oooh! No advice from me, but that's so exciting!!
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  • ooh no advice from me, either...  but that's awesome!!
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  • I went into labor about 48 hours after that. I think everyone is a little different but from what I've heard it sounds like you are super close!
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  • I am soooo jealous and excited for you!!!!  You  seem to be on track to being a mommy very soon!

    I on the other hand and STILL not even a bit dialated.

    From what I've read about the mp, it could mean you are going into labor soon- and it could still be a while to go.

    Labor seems to be super unpredictable!

    Keep us posted!


  • Hey- what did it look like anyways? Was it a big glob? Sorry, but I like details!
  • Congrats on such great progress!  I actually lost mine about 10 minutes before my water broke as I was in pre-op before my c/s.  I was already in labor when it happened.  Your little man will be here before you know it.  I doubt you'll have to wait the 4 weeks... best of luck!
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  • omg 10 min, rach?  that's crazy.


    this post is giving me anxiety attacks.  i just need to hold out until sunday lol  i'm so afraid the md is going to say b/c of my bp i have to be induced even earlier.  i'm trying  my hardest to stay immobile until sunday so my bp won't spike lol

  • I lost mine on a Sunday morning and went into labor the following evening.  GL!!!!!!
  • My sister lost hers 3 weeks before baby.  I lost mine a few days before.  How exciting!
  • Oh Gena... I wish you the best!  I'm sure you are super excited to meet Tofurkey!
    -- Jackie
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  • It's a sign of progress!  Good luck, Gena.


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  • i lost mine about two weeks before i was officially induced. GL you are soooo close to meeting your littel guy!  I cannot wait until you decide on a name =]
  • i lost mine 4 days before my water broke. but i was having contractions the whole time! good luck!, hope it's soon!
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