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I just got off the phone with dr who said beta came back negative. I'll let them know once aunt flo  comes (might take a little bit to get Crinone out of my system) and we'll gear up for another med cycle and IUI. They don't want me to move onto injectibles yet, will try another clomid cycle, HCG, Crinone. This was my 3rd clomid cycle (did first with TI) and they like the way i'm responding. But can't seem to get to the finish line. DH's counts are ridiculiously high even after washing so I feel like whatever isn't working is with me.

This stinks!

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Re: IUI #2= BFN

  • I'm sorry about the BFN - it is so frustrating. But it's good that you are responding well to Clomid and that your DH's counts are high. Good luck with your next cycle!

    TTC #2 since July 2010
    FSH = 11 (20 on day 10 of CCCT)/ AMH = .98 / AFC=12ish
    5 IUI's with oral meds = all BFN
    March 2012 IVF (MDL Protocol) Started stims 3/3; ER 3/11 (9R, 8M, 7F) ET 3/16 (5dt of 2 blasts graded 3AB and 3BA, 3 frosties(!!) Beta 3/26 = 386; Beta 3/28 = 827; u/s 4/11 says TWINS! Boy/Girl Twins delivered at 36 weeks 6 days

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  • It more than stinks--I'm so sorry.  Better luck next cycle!

    TTC since 10/2010
    IUIs # 1-5 = BFFN
    IVF # 1(July 2012) = BFN
    IVF # 2 (November 2012) = BFP (MIssed MC D&C @ 8w3d on 1/10/13)
    IVF # 3 (June 2013) = BFN 
    IVF # 4 (September 2013) = BFP Fraternal twin boys! (Loss at 21w6d due to IC on 1/26/14...devastated.)
    3/21/14--TAC (transabdominal cerclage) w/Dr. Davis in NJ
    IVF # 5 (May 2014) = BFN
    FET (August 2014) = BFN

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  • That does stink! I'm sorry. BFNs are always harder when you've stepped up a treatment level. Please don't feel bad about yourself - everything looked good, but it just wasn't your month. Maybe next month?!?
  • I am so sorry.
    BFP on IVF #2 6/29/2012. Beta #1 7/3 = 522; Beta #2 = 1180; Beta #3 = 6491 image BabyFruit Ticker
  • I'm so sorry about the BFN.  I hope the next cycle brings you to the finish line!
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