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PW 2: Tell me to stop stressing

I'm feeling a lot of mommy guilt these days.  Just about every day Luke asks to "go somewhere fun".  Most days I feel like it's either too cold, too rainy or I'm just too tired or overwhelmed to make it out the door.  DH or all of us as a family try to do things together on the weekends and he still has MDO twice a week.  But I feel like I'm failing him in some way.  We definitely aren't doing as much as we were pre-Des, even though I'm making sure I make time to play with him when Des is napping. 

I keep telling myself I'm only 3 weeks in and with Luke we were pretty much home all.the.time. at that point.  But I still can't get rid of the nagging voice in my head that says I should be doing more.  So tell me to cut myself some slack or how to start getting out with both kids without feeling like I'm losing it.

Re: PW 2: Tell me to stop stressing

  • Mommy guilt is such a bigger burden the second time around.  You definitely need to cut yourself some slack.  We are still nowhere near doing what we were pre-DD2, but you know what?  We've all adjusted, including DD1.  I think my problem was (and still is) that I'm a big chicken when it comes to taking tiny ones out, and I'm definitely a big chicken when it comes to taking two littles out!  Right now, it's all about taking it one moment at a time.  You just do the best that you can, and remember, this too shall pass.  Eventually you will get going again.  Big hugs to you!!
  • It is hard with 2 little ones. Mabey try and get some new games or art supplies. That way he could do something new and exciting at home to keep him busy. Good luck!
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  • imageMrsRosie:
    How 'bout A and I try to make it over for a playdate on Friday?  It depends on whether or not I have something in particular going on that morning. 
    That would be awesome! Plus it will probably take me that long to get the house picked up. Stick out tongue
  • If steven's nose is dry by Thursday we can make it over then.  :)
  • Im a SAHM and I live right down the street from you.(FP)  My DS is 3. We would love to do playdates. You can bring him here for a change of scenery or we could come there. Email me anytime.  ssholm 216 at hotmail
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