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Not a parent, looking for a toy for a 4 year old

Hello all! I'm a regular on my local Nest board and have a question that I'm hoping to get help with. I am hosting a baby shower for my brother and his GF this weekend. The GF also has a 4 year old son from a previous relationship. (I know showers for 2nd babies are frowned upon sometimes, but I really wanted to do this to welcome them all into the family.) This will be my first time meeting the GF and her son, but we have talked on the phone/email/FB (they all live in another state.)

I want the older son to feel included and special at the shower. I bought him a "Big Brother" shirt, am buying him a book about being a big brother, and I want to buy him a toy to unwrap when the MTB is unwrapping her gifts. I'm looking for recommendations for a toy suitable for a 4 year old, that will keep his interest, not make a mess, and is not loud. I want him to be able to play with it while we do "boring shower stuff". And, I want to order it with Amazon Prime's 2 day shipping. So, does something like this exist, or am I just discribing every mother-of-a-preschooler's dream lol?

Any suggestions are appreciated. I would prefer to keep it under $50, but if it's too good to pass up, I will consider it. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read and help me out. :)


Re: Not a parent, looking for a toy for a 4 year old

  • Try to find out from the mom what his interests are. 

    At that age (and still) my son would have been perfectly happy with a few Hot Wheels and they would usually keep him occupied for a good 1/2 hr and often longer.  Also, at 4 yrs old, my DS would have happily passed (or dragged) packages to me (or whoever) in order to open them, though it probably would not have held his attention the entire time.

    I would def avoid Legos, Tranformers, or anything else that he might need adult help with building, transforming, or putting together.


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  • My son liked Thomas trains when he was 4.  You could either buy a few trains or a set of a train and a track (like the figure 8 track or a small track set - nothing too complicated that would take time to put together).

    Also, if he likes a tv show or movie, action figures from the show (star wars, power rangers, wrestling, etc.)

    Hot Wheels cars. 

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  • Thanks so much for the help! Wanted to report back that I bought the Matchbox Croc Escape set, and my nephew loved it! (My brother and his GF are talking marriage, so I consider her son my nephew). FSIL said that he has been playing with it non-stop since he got it and loves it so much. So it's a winner. Thanks a lot! :)

    (If anyone is interested, this is what I got him. It does make noise, but it wasn't distracting. And it all folds away in the carrying case pretty easily)
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