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united concordia???

I currently have tricare prime DH and I forgot to sign up for united concordia insurance before he deployed and I left the afb. Since I'm no where near a base I'm not sure exactly what to do or what kind of plan to sign up for. Sad part is my tooth is killing me so I cant wait it out for the 3 months until I get back to my afb. I've heard so many horror stories about pregnant women losing their teeth.
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Re: united concordia???

  • I haven't heard any kind of horror stories about pregnant women losing their teeth; however you can sign up for United Concordia online.  It has nothing to do with Tricare.
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  • When I signed up for this when my husband was active duty I did it online. I never did anything in person. 
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  • Just remember that United Concordia is changing to MetLife this year.
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    Just remember that United Concordia is changing to MetLife this year.

    When is this happening and will I need to resign up with them or will things just automatically change over?

  • I signed up online while my husband was deployed. It was a fairly easy process.
  • I actually just did this myself today, we were OCONUS before and it wasn't necessary apparently, but here it's pretty much the only choice.  The website took less than 10 minutes to get all my info and sign up for it.  An FYI if you do it on the website though; if you tell the website that you are the spouse when you go to sign up it will only give you the option to upload a Power of Attorney until you do so, whereas if you put in sponsor you'll just be able to sign up.  Husband and I both kinda rolled our eyes at that one.
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  • Hi there, I am a Dental Assistant in the Air Force. You can sign up for the dental insurance online. You sign up at www.tricaredentalprogram.com. You shouldn't need him, just his information, and you don't need to be near a base. You are covered based on where you live, and what providers are closest to you. They don't have to just be near the base. For the most part, it is best to do most dental care in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, thought they can do what is needed if its an emergency, like how you are in pain. They can still pretty much do everything that they would need, it just changes some numbing medication they can use on you. 
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