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Glad to be Canadian...

First off, I never even knew this board existed!  But what I really wanted to say is that after seeing all the mat leave posts by American moms and seeing that they all only have 6 to 8 weeks (and only paid if they have medical coverage at work) I sure am thankful for our health care!  Thanks Tommy, John, and Lester! 
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Re: Glad to be Canadian...

  • I hear ya. Canada rocks!


  • I 100% agree. I just read a post on BOTB about a women whose m/c bills cleaned out her entire savings.

    I can't even really wrap my head around having to PAY for your delivery when things are fine... but how do people manage if they have a NICU stay? I've seen women on the Preemie board discussing costs of things DD had. We would have lost our house.

    Go Canada!

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  • I hear ya! I love the fact when I'm hopefully KU soon, I'll be able to spend a year with my child before having to go back to work, And that U/S and bld work is all free!

    I think its insane that people have to pay to deliver a baby, or worry about medical expenses if their child is sick.

  • I hear you! I have been so sick during this pregnancy, that with 3-4 tests/Dr.'s visits per week I can't even imagine the cost.
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  • Totally agree!  A whole year off with our LO's is awesome.  I can't imagine handing over my LO to someone else when she isn't even 3 months old yet.
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  • So glad we get a year. I registered DD for daycare a few weeks ago and I am dreading going back to work in September and leaving her. I can't imagine leaving her when she was only a few weeks old.
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    Agreed!  I can't even imagine having to go back to work after only 6 weeks.  I was still trying to get the hang of things myself at that point without having to worry about work and child care.  We are very lucky here in Canada.
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  • well ill just put it out there, so glad to be canadian! LOL so glad i dont need to deal with the stress of paying and coverage and what not on top of everything else!
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  • I agree with you all. Canada Rulz!! 
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    I am American, but have been living and working in Canada for 3 years. I always thought the year maternity leave was incredible, I actually thought people were joking when they told me mat leave was a year here! Now that I am pregnant, none of my American friends or family can believe I'll have a year of leave. My sister gives birth in July and will be back at work in September. Absolutely no time to adjust or enjoy! I love Canada!!!! 

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  • I do agree that a year is awesome, but my year is gone and I'm so sad! Thankfully I have a job where I can choose my hours, so it's not so bad and we are well set financially, so it's not essential that I work at all. Comparatively, we've got it made!
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