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Postpartum Depression

Ppd vs baby blues

How do I know if it's just baby blues or ppd? I'm feeling so over whelmed. I can't stop crying over everything. I'm completely falling apart. I feel so alone. Should I just wait it out? Is there an amount of time that baby blues should go away? Any advise would be great. Tia.
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Re: Ppd vs baby blues

  • Your LO should have their one month appointment next week, talk to the doctor there. Even if it isn't your doctor (not sure if you're seeing someone different for your child). They're a medical professional and should know how to help you and are better suited to answer these questions. They can at least direct you to whomever you should be talking with.

    Baby blues usually doesn't last for more than two weeks, at least that was the information I was given when leaving the hospital. And although I am being treated for PPD I had a history of depression beforehand, so I can't really comment on when I felt one vs. the other.

  • I had some really bad baby blues, and what my doctor told me is that the baby blues should begin to slowly get better, while PPD will not, and can even get worse. I seriously sobbed for weeks, but after a few weeks, it truly did get better. I have ongoing depression and anxiety, but the baby blues was probably one of the worst emotional episodes I've had. It is scary to cry so uncontrollably. I would say if you do not notice an improvement over the next couple of weeks, you should probably reach out to your doctor. Good luck, and hang in there :) 
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