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How often do you go to obgyn?

I just realized that I have not have not had an exam since DS2 was 6 weeks and that was almost 1.5 years ago.  Do most of you go 1 time per year?

I remember the doctor saying I needed a pap smear every 2-3 years as long as they were normal but not when I would need to go back.  I will call and ask but just wanted to know what is normal for others.


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Re: How often do you go to obgyn?

  • I go once a year...
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  • I go every year.


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  • I go every year and a half to stretch it out a bit. 
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  • Every other year for me, assuming all paps are clean. And assuming I don't have any other issues going on that I need to talk about or have checked.

    ETA: ...AND assuming I'm not pregnant, getting an IUD put in, having an IUD taken out, etc.  This baby-makin' business means I've been there a lot in the past few years! 

  • 1x year.

    I believe the guidelines are now a pap every 2-3 years if your previous pap was normal AND you tested negative for HPV. If either of those are not true for you, then you'll still need a pap 1x year.

    My most recent appt was the first year that they tested me for HPV (due to the new guidelines), so I guess for this year, my appt will be just an annual without pap.
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  • My doctor was ok with me going every other year since my pap smears come back normal.  When I decided in Jan I was going to ttc this summer I went in Feb to make sure everything was good!  
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  • I go every 2 years since I have never had any problems or taken any BC before.
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  • I go every year.  My dr. reccommended every year.  After 3 years of paps that were non problematic, she started to do my pap every 2 years but i still get a pelvic exam and a breast exam every year.
  • I used to go once a year because they wouldn't give me birth control without it. I guess I'll still go once a year unless I have a problem I need to go in for.
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  • I go yearly. The military enforces this, lol.


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  • once a year  to get everything checked out.

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  • My OB told me (7 months ago) that I only have to go once every 2 years. I've never had an abnormal pap though.

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  • Every year for me. Which reminds me, I need to schedule my appointment. Thanks for the reminder!
  • I have to go yearly, I had a breast tumor.

    Although, I think I have been to the OB 20 times in the last year.

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  • I go once a year, my 1 year mark was in January which was when I was going through my m/c so I'm not sure when I'll go in again for a pap. I'm hoping since I already had one this year, I won't have to get another one once I get KU again...we'll see.

    Although I've only ever had normal paps, my doctor told me to come in yearly. 

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  • I go every year.
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  • I go for an annual ~1x/year. This past time I asked if I should space out paps and my doctor's response was that I should still have an annual pelvic exam and if she was already doing that why not just the pap. My insurance still covers it and I'm a bit neurotic about preventative care I so do. 
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  • I go every year.  I know some women only get pap smears every couple of years, but I had an abnormal one in 2004 and had to have surgery.  My doctor wants to see me annually just to be sure everything is still okay.
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