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Postpartum Depression

Hello ...

Hello mommies. My name is Sara and I am a survivor of ppa/ppd. I promise, it's possible. I had many dark days where I felt like I wanted to throw in the towel and give up on everything.

I have done a lot of research/studying of ppa/ppd. It's SO hard to find other's with these disorders, because it's such a hush, hush disease. And, many times people don't understand it. It will leave us feeling alone and unsure what to do.

I would love to be someone to talk to. I WANT these conditions to be recognized and not swept under the rug. I belong to a couple of forums also, which I will share the links to.

You ARE NOT alone in this. I promise, there is hope.



These are a few sites that I have turned to to meet other moms.

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