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XP: Tell me about your infant carseat compatible jogging stroller.

We're starting to look at the "big ticket" items for baby and ratings and such. Plain and simple, I have no.use. for a 4 wheeled stroller. I find them to be bulky/awkward and difficult to maneuver. I'm sure they are good, but its just a personal preference. I want a stroller that is a jogger/all terrain that also fits the carseat to use as my everyday stroller as well. Back in '07 my sister had a Baby Trend that fit the bill, but it is no longer in production that I can find.

Any suggestions? I did find the Chicco S3, and I like it, but I've heard its still large even when folded up. (Not that thats a huge issue, but I just wanted other options too.)

Thanks so much ladies!! :)

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Re: XP: Tell me about your infant carseat compatible jogging stroller.

  • I have the Bob (single and double) and would buy both again in a heartbeat.  I never used the bar for the single that allows for a car seat... though I have it (need to sell it).  I love my Bob strollers. 
  • I have 2 strollers :)

    I have a BOB revolution which I use for bootcamp, outdoor trails basically all the outdoorsy kinda things..... and the carseat adaptor works well :) You aren't meant to run with the carseat though.... I did but I never ran fast.. because I can't :) I didn't really do it much anyway and it wasn't far.

    We also have a baby jogger city mini. It is NOT a jogging stroller though, even though it is made by baby jogger. I use that one for lunches, shopping, inside things. It is smaller and easy to get through doors and in and out of the car etc. We'll walk around the neighbourhood with it too, and on some trails but the BOB is much better for trails. The car seat adaptor I don't think is quite as good but I still used it quite a bit, especially if I was popping into Kroger for something (and only needed to carry a basket, the city mini is easy to steer one handed). 


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