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3 months!?!?!?

I just talked to the nurse at my new OB and she said that I should wait at least 3 months to get my period back after having my IUD removed. Is that right??? I was hoping it'd come back pretty quick so I could start charting. 3 months seems like a long time!
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Re: 3 months!?!?!?

  • imageMrsRosie:
    You "should" wait or you "could" wait?  My doctor told me to go ahead and get busy as soon as it was out.

    Well, I mean, if we were ready to TTC right this instant, I guess we "could" go ahead and try, though we'd have no idea if we had good timing. I'm a little concerned that if we did that, my uterine lining wouldn't be too good and I'd be setting myself up for a m/c.

    She told me I "should" wait 3 months before asking for (what I assume would be) Provera to get AF started. She said it could take up to a year or more for my cycles to return to normal But I had a very predictable cycle even while I had the IUD in, so I thought it would return to "normal" fairly quickly. 

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  • No personal IUD experience, but a neighbor of mine was told the same thing. If you haven't gotten your period after 90 days to call to figure out the next steps.

    I do have a history of irregular periods so I have taken Provera several times in the past. Usually docs are comfortable giving Provera prescriptions after 60 days in a cycle. So 90 days after an IUD removal doesn't seem far off base.

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