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Another Diaper Question

After months of battling with my DS's constant diaper rash, I have decided to throw in the towel regarding cloth diapers. My DS was born with a posterior urethral valve and one of the side effects is he is always leaking, poor baby! His doctor said it will get better as he gets older, but for now, he has had constant bumps, bleeding, rash, etc.I don't know if the cloth is making it worse, but since I went to all disposables about a week ago and started this super expensive prescription diaper rash cream a few days ago ($55!!), I have seen the most improvement we have seen in months.

So my question is, where is the best place (least expensive) to buy diapers? A few friends recommended Amazon Mom, but I am on the wait list. Is it worth it to get Amazon Prime because I believe you get an Amazon Mom membership with that. Could anyone explain to me how that works? 

Thanks so much!


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  • I don't know, but I have a friend who might be interested in your CDs if you want to sell them!
  • imageECUGirl2004:
    I don't know, but I have a friend who might be interested in your CDs if you want to sell them!

    Thanks ECUGirl! I am going to hold onto them in case we have a 3rd. Ashley never had an issue with them, so I am hoping I can still get more use of out of them :-)

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  • I saw this link on a friend's facebook page: 

    There's also, they have some discounts on there right now and shipping is really quick.  Target has printable coupons every once and a while on their website (at the bottom of the page). Then there's always BJ's/Costco/Sam's. I got 246 diapers at BJ's (with a coupon they were running) for like $35 - normally it's like $41.

  • I really like the Walgreens and Parents Choice (walmart) brands. I use to be a diaper snob and only liked Pampers but I started using these and have really liked them. The prices are really good on both. Walgreens runs sells a lot if you watch them. Both of these are around $17 a case (which is 72 diapers for size 5's). They are soft feeling and work very well. My son is a heavy wetter at night and we have had no leaking.


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  • Amazon changed A LOT of their Amazon Mom benefits, you may want to really read the fine print to see if its worth it. I don't think they are as nearly as thrifty as they used to be. I agree with PP, shopping clearance, coupons or just store brand is probably best. The Target Up & Up diapers are fantastic.   
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  • Sorry the cloth isn't working for him, that stinks!

    When DS had to wear disposables for daycare, I bought PC diapers from Walmart.  They worked just fine and were soft like Pampers.  I liked them better than Target's diapers.  If I had a coupon, I'd get Pampers Baby Dry.  They were the cheapest line of Pampers, and with a coupon about the same price as the PC brand. 


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  • We get ours at BJ's.  They often have $5 coupons and that makes the big box of Pampers somewhere around $35.  Right now we're in size 4 and I think it's 160 diapers for the $35.  They also have a BJs brand.  I'm not sure how much they cost.

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  • Thanks for all the tips! It seems like coupons and sales are my best bet. I had been using Pampers on him for preschool, but when I changed to all disposables a week ago, I changed to Huggies Pure and Natural because a few friends told me that their children had issues with Pampers. So now I am not sure if everything is clearing up because I am using all disposable, the brand I am using and/or the expensive diaper rash cream. Unfortunately, I have Pampers coupons, but not Huggies, I will have to be on the lookout for them. Thanks again!!
  • If you want to go with Huggies, be sure to sign up on their website to receive coupons. I used to get tons via mail.

    We did a combo of sales/coupons on name brands, and BJ's brand ones, which I really liked. 

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  • BRU has deals where if you buy 2 boxes or so you can get gift cards back.  Plus Huggies often has coupons on their website and in the newspaper.  We have gotten good deals by combining those two.
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