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Newborn photos

Will you all be having your little ones photo's taking? If so where will you go a big retail place like olan mills? Or a local professional photographer. There is also the ones at the hospitals? Just curious on what most mothers want.

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  • We have a great photographer that we used for DS and will be having come out to the house for this LO. It is so nice and convenient to have it done in your home when you don't have to worry about getting out with a newborn.
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  • We used (and still do!) a local pro photographer who always comes to our home, or wherever we want. As my LO is getting older, we've actually had the last 2 sessions at a local park.
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  • I highly recommend using a pro photographer. I wish I would have years ago. I just started into photography a year ago and pro photographers are the way to go.
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  • I am a photographer as well but havent had the best experience with my own children. I will be having a pro photographer come to the hospital the day after I have my little guy. Oh course I will use my little guy for practicing my newborn skills!
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