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Severe Asthmatic Athlete, Need OB w/ Experience

I am an experienced marathon runner who is nearly 8 weeks pregnant. I am a severe asthmatic (when I say severe, I mean one lung functions at 26% of what a normal persons does, and the other is at 73%). My asthma has flared including an ER trip last week. As a runner, I have it under as much control as I can.

 I need to find a Dr who understands the severity (my new OB told me she would prescribe an inhaler....I use a nebulizer 2-6 times a day) Clearly, she's not understanding this. I am 33, and have had asthma since 3rd grade, so this is not something that showed up with pregnancy, but has certainly worsened.

 Does anyone have suggestions or experience with this? Preferably a Dr that might understand this situation?

 My asthma specialist has been great in working with me on meds, but can't deliver for me :(


Re: Severe Asthmatic Athlete, Need OB w/ Experience

  • Does your asthma specialist have any recommendations? I can't think that you're the first of their patients to have severe asthma and be pregnant.

    Sorry for my lack of input. Good luck and here's to a healthy remainder of the pregnancy.

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  • What part of the city are you in?  If you are on the North side of town, Dr. Beena Johnson is great!  She's very experienced and I'm sure can tackle your issue with ease.
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