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Stroller Strides?

Has anyone tried any of the Stroller Strides classes before? I'm expecting LO #1 any day, and am planning what I can do to lose the baby weight before going back to work. I like the idea of taking baby with me, and the price seems reasonable. Is it worth it?

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  • Not sure where you live but there are a lot more Baby Boot Camp Classes in and around Houston.


    Disclaimer: I own a Baby Boot Camp Franchise.

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  • Thank you! I live in Pearland and there is a Stroller strides class that meets near me. Can you explain the difference b/w Stroller Strides and Baby Boot Camp, please?
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  • I do baby bootcamp in the west location, and enjoy it. I don't know much about stroller strides, but Baby bootcamp you basically take your baby with you in the stroller and do a fairly typical bootcamp class, except with a few baby songs! It is also geared a bit more towards women who have recently had babies, so the instructors modify some of the exercises if necessary. There is a reasonable range of fitness levels too. I find it fairly hard as I lost most of my fitness during pregnancy, and had some complications, but I did bootcamp type classes pre-pregnancy.
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  • I am not familiar with Stroller Strides either, but I have taken Baby Bootcamp (first when it was Strollerfit) and most recently in December.  It helped me get back into a fitness routine after having both kids.  I loved that the classes offered a variety of excersices for all fitness levels.  Some of the other ladies who were more fit thanI was made me to push myself harder.  If my kids were still willing to stay confined I would still be taking the classes.  
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  • I have not done the class, but have been told my people that have done both the Baby Boot Camp is a more difficult workout.
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  • Hi There!

     I maybe a little bias because I own a Stroller Strides franchise in Riverside, CA, BUT Stroller Strides is awesome. I cannot say enough amazing things that this program has done for me and my children. Not to mention all my clients and their little ones. I started as a member of Stroller Strides and loved it so much that I wanted to own my own SS. Most owners give a free week or at very least a free class. Bonding with your little ones and moms during an amazing workout is what every mom is looking for when your stuck in the house and not sure what to do. Give it a try, you are going to love it!!! 


    Bre :)

  • Charlotte- do you know if there are any plans to start the Kingwood group up again, or anything close to that area?
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  • I am also a Stroller Strides franchise owner.  I started the program as a member when my daughter was 6 months old.  She's now 4 and I am now an owner.  Stroller Strides has helped me stay physically fit and get my body back not just physically but mentally.  Not only does Stroller Strides offer total body classes they also have a free moms club.  I've gained new mommy friends and so has my daughter (kid friends).  Most of members are on their 2nd or 3rd baby and still going strong with the program.  They offer modifications for every level of exerciser.  There are also several other programs offered by Stroller Strides including Fit4Baby, Body Back and run programs.  You should contact your local Stroller Strides and check out the free week they offer.  I'm sure she'd be happy to talk to you!
  • Hi!

    Congrats on your new baby coming very soon! I actually own the Stroller Strides franchise in Pearland and have been teaching since my older son was 6 months (he just turned 4...time flies!). We would love to have you come try a free week once your baby is 6 weeks old. The class has options for all different levels of fitness and it is an awesome workout!  We have playdates every week and a mom's night out each month through our LUNA Moms Club.  I cannot begin to describe the meaning of the friendships I have made these last 3 years and how great it feels to get in exercise each week without having to leave my kids behind.  You will get your pre-baby body back and build a circle of friends that is so crucial as a new mom.  Feel free to contact me and join our meetup group even before your baby arrives..we would love to start getting to know you now!

  • Thank you so much for the information! How can I join your meet-up group?  My baby is two weeks old now, so I'll be looking to get involved with a class as soon as am cleared to exercise (4 more weeks).  

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