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Vote on my girls names...again?

Ok, I think I have the boys name but I am struggling with a girl because I don't *love* anything like I did last time. [Poll]
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Re: Vote on my girls names...again?

  • I really like Amelia and eleanor.  I voted Eleanor but I don't think you could wrong with either name. 

    I like Fiona but the first thing I think of is shrek

  • Hm Fiona doesnt have any votes? :)
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  • I really like all three.  I love Eleanor, but I think it is a little formal unless you plan on using Nora as a nn.  I don't care for Ellie though since it is soooo popular these days for every name that starts with El.  I voted for Amelia for those reasons.  Fiona is cute, but I do think of Shrek (probably because Reed LOVES Shrek these days).
  • I voted Amelia, not a fan of Eleanor and all I think of is Shrek when I hear Fiona.
  • I LOVE Amelia! I would have used it but I thought it was too matchy-matchy with Ava's name.
  • I think I am having trouble because Amelia was really what I wanted with Charlotte, and Fiona would be the favorite but as several of PPs said, all people think of right away is Shrek and I'm not sure that is the association I want people to have to my kid's name. 
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  • I actually like all three but voted for Fiona.  I don't think of Shrek at all but think instead of a cute little Fiona I know.  I think it's a name association that would go right out the window as soon as people met her. 
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  • I voted Fiona too. I didn't even think of Shrek until I saw others mention it. I love the show Shameless on Showtime- one of the main characters is Fiona (played by Emmy Rossum), and I love her!

    I like Amelia and Eleanor is NMS, but I don't dislike it.

  • I like Amelia and then Nora for Eleanor... :)
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  • i love eleanor and amelia. fiona is nms but i do think its cute. DH and i have been considering Lorelei, which immediately makes people think of gilmore girls, but i think once it is your baby's name, that becomes what friends/family will associate it with.  i say if you like fiona, go for it!
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  • I love all of them.. I voted for Amelia but they are all great names.
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