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what apps do you have for your phone?

I have facebook, instagram, words with friends and that is it.  What other fun ones are there?

Is there a way to delete the standard ones? I could really care less about the stock market and even the news

Re: what apps do you have for your phone?

  • For me:

    Facebook, pinterest, netflix, fandango, livingsocial & groupon, words w friends, Grocery list app (I don't like the one I have though), MotionX GPS, Pandora (free), Viggle, Dropbox, and a white noise app for traveling

    The kids:

    Lots of apps.. their faves are Dora, Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, Fingerprint Fire Fighter, Cut the Rope, Where's my Water, iReward Chart, PBS kids, WubbHunt, some free Fisher Price apps.  And some art/drawing/color ones.  Their fave is Toca Boca but I think that's just for the iPad.

  • WEGMANS!!!  If you shop there it is a must...sorts your list by aisle!!!
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  • Baby Log - I use it to track sleep and nursing.  I like the chart feature too bc I can see trends.  It was like $5, but I had tried several free ones that I didn't like how the nursing was recorded.  I doubt I will use it though in another couple months, maaaaybe for the sleep tracking to make sure he is getting enough.

    Angry birds lite

    Animal Sounds - so annoying but dd likes it.  Your dd would probably like it, it's free I am almost positive.

     Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends - haven't played either one though since Clayton was born,


    Groupon (dumb since it is emailed to me also). 

    Match-it (matching game with trains, my neighbor's son loves it, but it is too advanced for dd.  I play it sometimes as I drift off to sleep).  Your ds is his age and would probably do good at it.  I just have the lite version so it's free.

  • JNK - I like the Groupon app because you can mark it used.  I guess I could delete the e-mail too.. but we just had a Brueggers groupon and they actually scanned the barcode from the app (I don't remember if the barcode is in the e-mail). 
  • Other than some of the ones already mentioned:

    For Me: 

    AllRecipies, Amazon, Baby Journal by Similac, P Tracker,The Weather Channel, Around Me(one of my favs-a must have), Just Light(works great for a flash light if you need one), pandora (free radio), shopping list, errands to do

     For T: 

    Her favs are Easy-Bake Treats, Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Old MacDonald(which those 3 are all made by duck duck moose), wiggles ABC, Phone4Kids(really cool), PBS Kids, paint sparkles, Super Why, Monkey Preschool Luchbox ( which i think that one and her Easy Bake are her 2 favorites right now) then I also have a few other ABC games and Baby Touch.

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  • You can't delete the standard apps (I don't think) but you can put them into a folder together. Just drag one and hold it over another and a folder will be formed. Then you can put all the ones you're not interested in, together and they won't take up as much space. 

     Apps I love: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, bejeweled blitz, Wegmans, Pandora, Amazon, Target, Netflix, Emoji emoticons, Dairy Free Fast Food, and DS loves the Fisher Price Animal Sounds App. I don't let him play with it much but have pulled it out when he's gotten cranky at restaurants.  

    Edit: forgot to add the flashlight app. I use it all of the time!

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