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Anyone ever shipped breast milk?

I just realized that I will have to throw out my entire stash of frozen milk because of the move. I don't have a huge stash, especially since a bunch of it was from when I was having dairy. But it can't stay frozen on a 3-4 day car trip. I would want to keep just a few bags because T will start solids when we get to CO and I won't have any BM to thin stuff out. Is shipping it in dry ice crazy expensive?

Re: Anyone ever shipped breast milk?

  • When I moved from Poughkeepsie to here I bought dry ice to pack in our deep freezer so my frozen milk would stay frozen in the drive. Honestly I think I spent less than 5-10 bucks for a few pounds ... It worked really well. I'm not sure how it would work with shipping it though. And not even really sure where you'd be able to buy it in g town. I think I found the place I bought it from on Seems like on that website the nearest places are in roc or syr. Would you ship it a few days after you move...So it gets there the same time as you? I mean if someone shipped it overnight with dry ice in a small cooler I'm willing to bet it would still be frozen when you get it in CO. 
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