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Pulling up in crib

How did I forget THE worst stage in "older" infants, the "why would I want to sleep when I can get up?". I swear to God every.single.nap is war with Natalie, sometimes B too. I lay them down and all they want to do is pull up or sit up. Once one finally falls asleep the other wakes them up- so we have a giant pack and play taking up all the floor space on one side of our tiny bedroom. Twin-infants sharing a room is probably the worst idea ever- take all your sleep issues and then imagine them x2, ugh.
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Re: Pulling up in crib

  • Ugh, sounds like a nightmare. Except you would at least be getting some sleep if it were a nightmare!
  • Oh no!  A sleeps like a dream in the PNP in our room, but we have tried him in his crib in his room with E, absolute DISASTER!!!  I am not sure what and when we are going to do about that.  

    Hope they "settle" in soon! 

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  • I started the girls I watch in the same room for naps, it lasted until they were 7-8 months I think. I have since had to put them in different rooms for nap, they are both close to 18 mos. I have no idea how parents get kids to share rooms, especially twins/babies! I even put a dresser between the mini cribs but they still chatted even if they couldn't see each other.

    Good luck!

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