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I assembled the PNP myself!!! (little aww)

Well the body wasn't anything more than shoving my too short arm and to pregnant belly into the pnp sideways ;)

BUT this PNP is super cool, it has a folding arm changing table the stores flat on the side out of the way. It's not an American/English speaking company so instructions are not the best, but the pictures are all you really need (ala ikea).

I had things around the wrong way a few times until I looked at the parts and saw they actually had "a" and "b" on them and everything matched up. I blame the tomboy in me (male) that just picks up stuff w/out really looking at it or directions.

It's super cute! Now if only I can find a measuring tape so I can order the pnp mattress and some sheets for it :)


that changing bit folds flat on the side! 

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Re: I assembled the PNP myself!!! (little aww)

  • Good job!  And such a nice looking pnp too!
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  • Good job!  I'm impressed.

    To this day, I have not been able to set up the pnp by myself.  The whole "all 4 sides at once" thing has alluded and frustrated me so much, that I just wait till DH can do it.  2 kids and I still shudder if a friend needs it set up in our house, unless of course, they can do it.  I'm usually good at mechanical stuff.

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  • Fancy!
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  • That thing is super pimp! Makes Graco look like something from the 80's
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