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Oh My Growth Spurt!

Tyler isn't a big eater, doesn't eat much in quantity or variety.  The last two weeks he has been eating non stop and getting super edgy when he is hungry.  He was crying and yelling at gymnastics the other day because he didn't eat enough dinner before we went.  Today the stupid bus came early and he didn't get to finish his lunch, I saw him swinging to hit the aide as the bus was pulling away!  :-(  If I had realized he was still that hungry I would have waved on the bus and took him in.  I called school to warn them.

And he has GROWN!  His size 9 shoes fit him just fine in the begining of the week, on Thurs morning he said they hurt and were tight.  Took him right to the shoe store (in boots) and he was measuring a 10 1/2!  None of the clothes that fit him last week fit this week!  He was 37 lbs last week, he was 39.5lbs last night.  Not any thicker, but taller.  Three people, even his school teachers who see him every day commented that he looked suddenly taller!  Poor kid, I am surprised he isn't complaining of joint and muscle pain.

Now, do I buy him clothes this weekend or wait a week or two to see if he keeps growing since he is still eating like a horse?   We are going to Florida in a couple weeks so I have to buy him some warm weather stuff.  And I had to buy him a pair of sneakers, but he needs at least 2 pairs.

Re: Oh My Growth Spurt!

  • It is crazy how quickly they grow like that at this age! 2.5lbs in a week - holy cow!For the past week, Ian's been eating me out of house and home, and I'm starting to wonder about his sneakers.

    I'd wait until it seems that his eating slows down, just in case. My guess is that it will be in time for your vacation. I know that Children's Place offers slim fit pants and jeans on their website. My brother got a couple pairs of the khakis for Ian for Christmas, and it was so nice not to see him with a baggy butt! They start at size 4.

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