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How you do you deal with your weather related crankiness?

If you get crabby this time of year, what helps? I seriously despise the cold, I know we have had a super easy winter.....but these days of sun are killing me since it is so cold ( I want to go out, I want to open my windows). I know people usually have the issue with not seeing the sun, so you would think it would help.

I would do anything to pick up my whole family (well, dad and step mom and step sister/her dh and kids...and my friends) and move to Arizona! I need warmth and sun, I need to get outside and not freeze while I get fresh air. I have traveled a lot and AZ seems like the best fit. I actually loved the weather in IQ during late summer. Yes it was 114 degrees, but it was a dry oven like humidity. Obviously you need a/c but spending 20 min outside in that heat beats spending 20 min outside here bundled to the gills.

There is no point to this post really.....just wondering if anyone gets crabby during Feb and what do you do to push through! =)

PS....I will likely complain when I am hot and 9 mos pregnant this summer. I reserve the right to do so!Stick out tongue

Re: How you do you deal with your weather related crankiness?

  • Oh I thought it was newborn related crabbiness ha!

    I have just been bundling up and still going out with Ellie for some short play. The days we make it outside, we are both happier. Some days it's a walk, some days she just plays in the front. The other day she picked up all the sticks in the yard and loved it. 

  • And I agree - love dry heat. Back before kids, I used to want to live in Arizona too.
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  • I get out, even for a drive.  Yesterday, we took a walk and it was so nice.  We also went away for a night last week, and that really helped.  The Indoor Waterpark was perfect because we felt like it was summer!  Now with both kids, I am really looking forward to Spring to get out to a park, etc. everyday.
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  • I think that the cold weather blues is way worse when you're PG. I remember seriously wanting to just cry rather than bundle myself and J up to go out while I was in my 3rd tri with the twins.

    Is there an indoor water park near by for a little weekend trip? Maybe crank the heat in your house just for 1 day- put sunglasses and shorts on R and have a little picnic? 

    This won't help a pg woman AND It's kinda a FFFC but I started tanning last week, after swearing it off (I used to be a tanning junkie, even managed a salon) I wanted to try to fade my stretch marks a little but before vacation and I gotta say, laying in the warmth, just for a few minutes has felt amazing.

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  • We're moving, ha! My problem is with gloomy days, there are so many here. CO has 300 days of sunshine a year and it actually snows less there than it does here.

    Being pregnant in August wasn't horrible, although that's all you'll hear from people. I couldn't run around as much, but I loved setting up the kiddie pool in the backyard and having Rosie play in it while I cooled my feet off in it. 

  • i hate the heat, hot sticky days suck and i've been to Vegas... dry heat sucks just as bad. so yeah i'm more cranky in August than February.

    i have no problems with 32 degrees, i love snow and normal winters aren't a big problem for me. i have skis, ice skates, sleds, more then enough to do... well where there's SNOW!! 

    guess i'm pretty crabby this winter just like you but for completely different reasons!


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  • We took B to palm island in Batavia, AWESOME! It was warm, nice and bright and playing in the water  I felt really good coming back . I also try and get out and walk as long as the wind isn't whipping. If it is I take her to the mall or Target to run around. If I can get out and moving, I usually feel better. Exercise also works wonders for me but it's finding time now days thats the issue.

    I miss the snow too. At least if it's gloomy it feels brighter with the snow on the ground. And there is more you can do when the snow is around.


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