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please curb my enthusiasm!

My hubby just called and said that the agency left him a message this afternoon.  A birthmom had her baby yesterday, and wants to place immediately.  She's seeing letters tomorrow, and ours is going to be one of them.  This is the first time our letter has been shown.  

I KNOW I can't afford to get worked up.  It's just begging for disappointment to let myself get excited.  But the social worker said the mom wants her baby to be in the adoptive parents' home this weekend.  I know what is meant to be, will be.  But there's a little part of me that's going "Holy CRAP, we need to buy a crib mattress!  We need diapers!  This could happen for us."  I seriously need to curb my enthusiasm.  

 For those of you who have been matched, how many times was your letter shown before you were chosen?  

Re: please curb my enthusiasm!

  • Ours was shown at least 3 times.  We didn't know ahead of time when it was being shown. 

    I think it's okay to be excited -- you should be excited!  Don't worry about the diapers for now -- the hospital will most likely send you home with whatever kind the baby has been using there.  And you can always have someone -  a family member or friend - run out and buy you a crib mattress.  We didn't even use our crib the first 4 months - we used a bassinett in our room. 

    Friends of ours are waiting to adopt right now, too, and they have been in your situation a few times.  It's been hard, so I understand - they get excited each time and hope that that's THE call.

    I hope this works out for you guys :)

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  • Like Art Teacher, our was shown 3 times, and we weren't told until afterward.

    I take that back. After the 3 times, we had a situation outside of our "standard" comfort zone, but our SW called to ask if we would agree to have our profile shown.

    FWIW, DD was an emergency placement. Her BM had her in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, and made a decision on us by Thursday morning. And we took DD home Friday afternoon. Lightning quick.


  • Wow - Good luck hun! I hope that you and your DH are chosen but if not, then your child will be home soon. :D 

  • Good Luck! Don't worry too much about gear. You can always make a stop at babies r' us on the way to pick up the baby. Newborns really don't need that much.

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  • Getting excited is all part of the process.... it's okay???  I spent many hours day dreaming... 

    We were shown tons of time so we aren't a good example for things happening quickly.  But when it does happen, it will be worth any sorrow you've suffered.

    PS-  Agreeing about gear.  Buy what you need as you need it. and will get you everything you need in two days.  And your friends and family would be eager to help get things set up.  No stressing in that area :)

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