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Argh! Need to vent

I thought breastfeeding was supposed to provide immunities to your baby? I think my boobs are broken. Rosie got sick a month ago, took her a good two weeks and some antibiotics to get over it. She got Tommy, me and my mom sick too, all while DH was away in Colorado. Well, Rosie had about a week of being healthy and is sick with yet another cold. And of course, Tommy now has a runny nose and is starting to get sick again too. And of course, DH just left me alone with them for four days while he looks for a place for us to live in Colorado. My MIL is coming tomorrow to help, but that usually means her telling me for the 100th time that we need to let Tommy CIO. 

I haven't slept in a month because of all the sickness and now I won't sleep for another month because of it. We had just started getting Tommy to sleep the whole night in his crib instead of the Rock n Play and now that will all go to crap again. I just want to throw something. Sorry for the whine, I'm just so sick of all this sickness!

Re: Argh! Need to vent

  • Yeah I dont believe it either...the 14mos I BFd A was the sickest we've ever been-both her and I.  I think I had 4 sinus infections that winter and she constantly had something.  We'll see how it goes this time around!
  • I'm so sorry. Sick kids are no fun at all.
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  • ugh!  I'm sorry.  I know how you feel. A had RSV and was hospitalized at 5 weeks.  I was annoyed because I too was EBF.  It's this weather, they keep saying we need the snow to kill off all the germs.
  • I'm sorry you are all getting sick, sick LOs are no fun. We have all been fighting the same cough/cold/runny nose for several weeks now and it is kind of draining.
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  • Ugh, I'm sorry you are dealing with that, all on top of having to move!  I hope everyone is better soon and that your MIL isn't too much of a PITA!
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  • I'm sorry. Constant sickness is definitely no fun. Hopefully you can get some rest when MIL comes.
  • I swear, sleep deprivation is def. the hardest part of parenting.  I really hope that you get some sleep soon and that everyone can get healthy.   ((hugs))
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  • This sounds totally normal to me...

    I have startetd to get major anxiety whenever the kids are sick.

    the aggeration , time from work and lack of sleep are all part of it.

    I am glad that I am not the only one who feels like this


  • I hate dealing with sick kids.  It's not even the sickness, it's the lasting effects afterwards.

    I've thought that about BF'ing too.  J has been pretty healthy and was BF for 8 months, but DH was only FF and has always been really healthy (even as an ex-smoker!).  I was BF and get sick way more than him and we have a friend's little boy who was BF and is always sick. I think more goes into it.

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