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Workout shoes

What do you call them any ways, athletic shoes, tennis shoes, sneakers, running shoes? Whatever they're called, I need new ones. I had heard about some with a funky bottom but super flexible and good for your feet but I forgot what they're called. What do y'all like?

Re: Workout shoes

  • a friend of mine has some called "vibram" running shoes. i think they have slots for each of your toes. they look crazy, but apparently are good for running and "teaching your feet how to land."
  • Do you want to run or do you want to do general workout/fitness stuff?  I ask because there's a difference between them.

    If you want to do running - go to Hill Country Running or Run Tex and get fitted. Easy peasy! The difference is running shoes are made with forward motion in mind, not with side to side or "cross training" motion in mind.

    If you want to do general fitness/lifting/cross training - its a bit easier. Running shoe stores would probably have them, but you could also go to D!ck's or Academy and find a good pair there. I know both Brooks and Nike make good cross trainers - I think the Nike Free was billed as one you could both xtrain and run in, but I kind of have to give that the side eye and say its for cross training.

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  • If you are a runner, I also love Run Tex for finding a running shoe that works best for you. The type of shoe that would be best depends on your arch and how you pronate, and they can help with that. 
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  • Not a runner so I guess I need a cross trainer. I went to Run-tex for my last pair over TWO years ago. I should probably just go back right?
  • Hehe, yes for sure. :) I do recommend Hill Country though - they're as good or better than Run Tex. Plus, they just opened a location on Parmer, so its closer to you.
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