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Best/cheapest place to buy diapers?

And what store brand do you think are just as good as pampers?

Re: Best/cheapest place to buy diapers?

  • I don't buy diapers at just one place. I track the sales and use coupons to get the best deals. If you do that, you can often get name brand diapers for cheaper than store brand (which never have coupons). I use mostly Luvs and Pampers Baby Dry, and rarely pay over $4-5 for a jumbo pack.
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  • Costco... They have their own brand and they are great...  They have the best price I've found...
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  • DD wears Pampers Cruisers and we get them in the big value box at BRU when they have those coupons for $5 off. 
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  • i get mine from Amazon. if you ste up a monthly or bimonthly delivery you get a discount. i use 7th Generation, so i am not sure about the pricing on other brands, but i have a Prime membership so my shipping is free and monthly i get a case of diapers at my door. it rocks.
  • I use Pampers Crusiers or HEB brand. Their new shrek ones are better then the clifford ones (IMO). We usually use HEB daytime and Pampers at night. And HEB often has coupons for their brand, especially the shrek ones because they are new.
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  • I don't track, but WH did a whole analysis in the early baby days that we still use as a rule of thumb.

    Amazon is pretty reasonable and home delivery (with Amazon prime) can work out to be a great way to get diapers - esp. in those early days when you can't even get a cup of coffee, much less go to the store (at least that was our experience).

    Now that he's older (getting closer to 2 each day, sniff), we shop for diapers at CostCo. (DS can ride in the cart.)

    We used Pampers exclusively when he was small b/c they fit him best. Another friend used Huggies b/c Pampers caused an allergy. (Score free diapers for us!) I would see what works for you as it seems that each baby finds a favorite that works during the early snuggly days.

    Since he started walking any old thing will work. So, I generally buy either CostCo brand or Huggies depending on what's cheaper at CostCo. He wears Pampers at school b/c they still have his chart recorded as Pampers from the early days - makes no diff. to us or him at this point.

  • For Sarah, I use either Parent's Choice (walmart's brand...super cheap) during the day and Pamper's Cruisers at night.


  • We use White Cloud from Walmart almost exclusively and Huggies Overnights at night. White Clouds are about $15 for the big box of 80+ diapers I think. I have heard good things about the HEB & Costco brands from friends.  

  • We are Costco fans.  We only have leaks when it is our fault (i.e. too long without changing).
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