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DH was having bad lower back pain and thought he'd pulled something. Now he has a fever of 102. Google says kidney infection, but he doesn't have any other signs. I've made an appointment with an ARC doc for him in the morning, but do you have any ideas? Anything he needs to do or can do for the pain?

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  • 800mg Motrin/Advil for both the fever and some of the pain. Drink lots and lots of water to reduce the stress on the kidneys and help flush the infection. In general, AZO or other OTC UTI meds will not help with the pain and just make it more difficult to analyze the urine because then it's bright orange!

    Kidney infection (aka Pyelonephritis) is kind of uncommon in men but I don't know what other factors he may have (diabetes, steriods for asthma etc).

    Do ask that they send for a Urine CULTURE, not just a dip at the office. If the infection is widespread enough to be causing pain in the kidneys, they need to make damn sure they're prescribing the right antibiotic and not waste time taking 7 days of the wrong med. They'll most likely start him on something then wait on the culture. Cultures take 24-48 hours. Then they'll call you if the "bug" that's growing isn't easily killed by the drug they already prescribed and change it as needed.

    The sooner he starts antibiotics, the sooner he'll start feeling better. If the pain becomes more severe or begins to move around to the front, he should seek care sooner, possibly in the ER or Urgent Care. Vomiting is also a "time to go" indicator. They can check to make sure the kidneys are not damaged, provide IV hydration and possibly kick start the process with some IV antibiotics.

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  • Thank you so much!
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