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LO kicking during diaper change

Anyone else have a LO who kicks during a diaper change? Em isnt upset and kicking, she is just kicking her legs at me like crazy and laughing!! soo irritating. I grab her legs and say, be gentle, touch nice ( bc thats what I say for touching pets, and other babies... that sort of thing) but she just keeps righ ton with it. I am not sure what I should do?I only worry bc I dont want her to think its ok to kick, and when shes mad or something start kicking me. Thanks
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Re: LO kicking during diaper change

  • My lo does it too.  She wants to potty train, but I don't think her muscles are developed enough, but she goes on the potty a few times a day.  So, if the kicking is bad, I tell her that she does not have a diaper on, so she needs to go pee and poo on the potty, not in her pants.  Then I will let her run bare butt for a little while.  Once she gets the energy out and calms down a bit, I can usually get one on her.  The only other suggestion I have would be to get pull up diapers.  You can make a big deal out of it and say they are for big kids.  They do cost more then regular diapers though.  Hope you figure something out.  I can't stand the kicking either, but I try not to let it frustrate me.

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  • DD1 does it too.  It's just a wonderful game she plays.  If distracting her with a game of peek-a-boo or a song that requires hand motions doesn't work then I'll hold her legs down (not tightly - just putting my arm over her legs so she can't kick me in the head or chest).  I then tell her, "I can wait until you settle down.  We will be finished faster if you relax and let me change your diaper.  Then we can play."
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