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We are having difficulty getting our LO to sleep in his crib. Its draining us. I know ISIS maternity offers sleep consults via phone but my DH and I do not want to spend money for advice over the phone. We are not sure it is worthwhile. Maybe we are being stubborn. Anyone know of anywhere local that you can get some free or inexpensive support? TIA
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Re: sleep help

  • Have you talked to your pedi or the nurse?

    What specific issues are you having?

  • I mentioned it to the pedi last visit and he said, I know its hard but you should get him in his crib. I voiced that my DH is reluctant on the CIO and he sympathized but we didnt talk further about it. I am assuming he will check back with me on it next visit.

    The issue we are having is getting him to stay in his crib without screaming. He usually starts the night out in there and about 45-hr later he is crying. Sometimes we get him back to sleep, sometimes he's inconsolable. We try to put him down drowsy but awake but he often fights that for a long time. We have been trying but its sooooo frustrating bc we don't see improvement. I hope LO dosent have poor sleep assoc. with his crib.
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  • This was just on channel 4 news the other night, maybe check out there website and see if they have any links. I believe they tell you to first get him on an eating and napping schedule, then you have a set bedtime and as much as it kills you let him cry himself to sleep. After time he will adjust. Good luck....not looking forward to this at all.
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  • We had the same type of issue with our son and ended up following the Ferber Method.  He is a practicing Children's Hospital physician who has studied sleep for 30 years so I felt comfortable that he knew what he was talking about.  I was anxious about having him cry but then once we did it we realized it wasn't nearly as bad as it may seem.  The week before we started Ferber we put him on a strict bedtime routine schedule.  We'd feed him dinner at 5:00pm followed by a bath some quiet playtime, and lastly I'd nurse him. After a week of that we put him in the crib awake and followed the Ferber method.  He cried for an hour the first two nights, but knowing that all his needs were met made us feel okay about it.  He slept through the night starting that first night and after the 4th night only cried for 10 minutes.  We were SO relieved we did it. 

     Good luck!

  • Hi,

    We are having the exact problem with our 10 week old.  We are doing the techniques by the babywhisperer.  You can to to their website  (i hope i spelled it right).  Just to warn you, it does take time and lots of patience.  It took about 3 nights to get my lo to sleep in his crib at night and we are now doing naps.  The naps are really hard.  I know it's not the local support you're looking for but hope this helps.  BTW, how old is your LO?

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