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Advertising has begun!

We just started advertising a week ago and received one birthmother call so far. (from what I understand, that is pretty good!). It did not amount to anything and was kind of strange...but at least its good to know someone read our ad and profile.  

 Has anyone had experience with random newspapers calling to get you to advertise? I got a weird one today..the woman didn't even say her name or where she was from ...jsut said "i saw your ad" when she called...i was so hopeful it was a birth mother..wny do people do that? can't they just say "i am .....from ....newspaper and want to know if you want to advertise with us". How do you deal with these people? How often do you change your ad copy?

Re: Advertising has begun!

  • I'm not going your route so I can't answer your questions but wanted to pass along some good luck wishes!
  • Good Luck!!!! Hope you find some great routes to advertise through. :D
  • I've not gone your route or even adopted domestically, so take this with a grain of salt:  please be very, very careful when you receive calls about your profile.

    Scammers know that prospective adoptive parents are often desperate to become parents, and they use that to their advantage.  It sounds to me like the second call you got was just a legitimate business trying to profit off your journey, but you may also get calls from people trying to scam you.  I highly advise you not to enter into any business agreements for anyone who cold calls you based only on seeing your profile or word of mouth.  I also urge you to use the utmost caution when talking to prospective birth families.  If you think you may be talking to someone that is considering relinquishing their child to you, get your lawyer involved at the earliest possible chance, to protect your interests (and theirs, too!).

    I truly hope you never encounter anyone trying to take advantage of you, but it does happen, more often than I'd like to believe.  Good luck, play it smart, and keep us posted!

  • Thank you so much for your good advise. We are very happy with our attorney and will definltey send all legit calls to her right away. It's so nice to know its worked for you. This is very encouraging!!
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