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Who is due in the summer???

Hi Ladies!

 I havent been on here in over a month but really want to check in with those that use the online version of the bump rather than the 411 Bump iphone app =)

 Are any of you due in the summer? Who is pregnant with their first? How are y ou all feeling???

I am due 8/28 which makes me 11 wks along with my first baby! So far, so good...not too much morning sickness etc...mostly have just had sore breasts, gag in the morning from toothpaste, and have been super tired!  I have had 2 ultrasounds so far...the second was this baby was so wiggly hehe, and we could see head, eyes, umbilical cord, and his/her arms waiving!

 Congrats to you all!


Re: Who is due in the summer???

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