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I think I have it.  I checked out Kellymom but it indicated that breastfeeding a ton is a good way to get past it.  Well, I can't do that since I'm back at work and I really can only pump twice a day.  I am visiting Baby DD during lunch to feed her, but is this something I should go ahead and get meds for?  Do I just call my OB?  How long will I feel like crap?  How do you know if it's mastitis or just a plugged duct? I was fortunate to not have any of these problems last time around, so I have no idea where to start.  Working moms in particular, how did you get around this problem when you had to be away from the baby all day long? Soon I won't be able to visit her at lunch.  :(   Aye dios mio!

PS-Yes, I like my medical advice to come from you ladies since many of you have been through this.  I'm waiting for a chance to call my OB (if she's the best dr to call) since I think my convo will likely make my office mates a little uncomfortable. Wink


Re: Mastitis?

  • Mastitis causes flu like symptoms; body aches, chills, fever, etc... A clogged duct just causes pain in the specific area and usually swelling where the clog is. If it's a clogged duct then pumping with help relieve the symptoms but if it's mastitis then it won't make a difference. In my experience, mastitis is best to treat with antibiotics and take care of it before it gets worse!

    Yes, your ob will prescribe the script for you. If you have a good relationship with her and she thinks your symptoms match, she might just call one in for you over the phone otherwise she will probably want to see you in the office. 

  • From my experience: 

    You will know it is mastitis because it will knock you on your ass.  You will all of a sudden feel like you have the worst flu ever.  Your boob will hurt, you will get a fever, body aches, chills, and you won't be able to move without hurting.  You can call your OB to get meds over the phone.  You'll start to feel better between 4-6 hours from when you take the first pill.  If you suspect it might be coming on, I would call to get the script, get it filled and have it handy.  

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  • OB wants to see me in person.  Thanks for your help, ladies!
  • Mastitis it is!  Hooray...Angry
  • Boo--mastitis sucks!  Get plenty of rest, it'll help get you back on your feet faster.  I didn't start feeling better until a day or so after I started the meds.  I also took ibuprofen for the fever and aches, which helped me feel better for a few hours at a time.


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