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IMPORTANT question***

hi. i found out i was pregnant in december, had an ultrasound done saying i was 5 weeks 3 days. jan 17th i went to my OB doc and had another ultrasound done and doc said all she could see was a yolk sac and couldnt determine how far along i was. feb 4 at around 1145pm i started spotting so i rushed to the ER. had ANOTHER ultrasound done saying i was 6 weeks 2days. my blood levels were not rising like they should be. ER doc said i was already showing signs of miscarriage ontop of a baby never formed in the sac. so now my qustion....since yesterday i have started bleeding really bad and dropped three big blood clots (i think thats what they were) im wondering if yall could help me with what i should expect during this miscarriage since all i had was a yolk sac. the last time i miscarried i was 18 weeks 3 days and it happened at the hospital. this is very different.
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