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OB who delivers out of Southwest General

Hello there! This is my first post...very new to this, but I'm looking for a new doctor. I am nine weeks today and have not had a good experience with the docs so far. I am currently with Dr. Katz, Dr. Hruby, etc. There are five doctors in total that I'll have my visits with over the next seven months if I stay, yet none of them can seem to return my calls. On top of that, they deliver out of Hillcrest, which is 40 minutes from me. I'd like to find a doctor that actually cares about my pregnancy and isn't going to ignore me, preferably delivering out of Southwest General. Any suggestions?

Re: OB who delivers out of Southwest General

  • My doctor is William Hahn out of Southwest General. VERY GOOD. I did have one of his other partners in the same office, Dr John Alton, Also very good. He delivered my 2nd child back in 2000, Dr Hahn was my doctor in 2006 and I'm back with him now to deliever baby #4. I highly recommend them both. Good luck with your search.

  • Dr. Genevieve McCaslin. 440-884-9000. She is located at 6900 Pearl Road. I love her, and several of my friends had their babies delivered by her. :) Plus, she is easy to make an appt with. I made an appt with another doctor when I first found out I was pregnant, but they couldn't see me for a month! When I call her, she can usually see me within the week.
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