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Anyone have experience w Goddard School in CP or Primrose on Elm West?

Anyone have their LO in either of these schools or have heard good or bad feedback on either?  Feel free to email me cmstoner612 at yahoo dot com

Re: Anyone have experience w Goddard School in CP or Primrose on Elm West?

  • One of my girlfriends kids go/went to Primrose in CP (not sure of the street) and loved it. 

    Here are my notes from my spreadsheet of when I was looking for CP daycares.  I know one nestie whose daughter goes there and she's been really happy.  Ultimately, we chose another school -- it felt a little more rigid to us than we wanted.  During our tour with the owner they focused a lot on safety, security, their processes, etc. There was nothing wrong with that but the school we ultimately chose during the tour we talked a lot more about the children -- how they learn, the kind of fun they have, etc.  We ultimately just didn't connect to Goddard - but I think I would have felt comfortable having my child there, it just maybe wasn't the best fit.  BTW: The school we chose (we don't go there anymore because we moved) was Good Earth School - I think it's not for everyone but we LOVED it there, it was perfect for us! 

    ?         Lunches not included $3.25/day for catering service or byo

    ?         All lead teachers have degrees (CDA for younger children)

    ?         National trainers come quarterly for staff development training

    ?         Do not serve breakfast, but you can bring your own.

    ?         Morning and afternoon snack are included in tuition

    ?         School age kids do field trips

    ?         Additional enrichment activities are offered for older kids (martial arts, dance, etc.)

    ?         Great security

    ?         Teachers create lesson plans based on guidelines and director reviews and approves.  Monthly themes.

    ?         Great play area ? grass to run around on, no gravel

    ?         Very specific feedback, including lesson lans

    ?         VERY professional

    ?         Cloth diapers are no problem


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  • I go to one of those. email me and I can help you more

    [email protected]

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