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S/O Babysitter Times?

S/O the babysitter rates below, babysitter times - what time do you have the babysitter come to your house for "date night"?

I always remember babysitting in high school, but never putting the kid to bed, they were always already sleeping. With Zac, he goes to bed around 8:30 and that seems so late to have a sitter come over. But then again, when I was a teenager was 8:30 really that late?

I've been putting off getting a babysitter because of this.

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Re: S/O Babysitter Times?

  • We always have the babysitter put our kids to bed.  Half of the fun of having a date night is getting to escape from at least a couple of your parenting duties!
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  • Nicholas goes to bed between 7 and 8 and we usually have the sitter come at 6:45/7pm. We do all of Nicholas' night time routine before they come (mainly because he gets a growth hormone shot every night and I wouldnt feel comfortable having a babysitter do it nor would I think it would be fair to expect a babysitter to give my child a shot) so by the time we leave he is already in jammies, a clean diaper, has his shot so all they have to do is read him a book while he has his night time bottle and then put him in bed. Nick goes down really easily so its never been an issue and they have the option of letting him stay up and play for a little after we leave if its easier for them. Often times we will put on a movie before we leave to distract Nick and get him calmed down before bed. Maggie is easy and just sleeps in her swing all the time and only wakes up to eat or have her diaper changed haha
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  • We haven't had a sitter watch DS yet (aside from family members), but I still babysit other LOs quite a bit! The parents usually ask me to come around 6:30, & the LOs go to bed at 8:00-8:15.
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  • We, too, have only have family, but they always put him to bed for us.  We usually go to dinner at 6/7.  I'd imagine when we venture to teenage babysitters we'll have him in bed or almost in bed before they come.
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