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So it's time for our first rip to the lower 48.  We are taking a direct flight from Anchorage 5 hours then driving 3 hours.  My little boy will be 8 weeks old and is exclusively breast feed.  Any recommendations, suggestions, tips for traveling with an infant?  Thanks for any ideas or help you may have.

Re: Lower 48 Travel

  • My advice is to be ready to nurse on the plane.  If you and your DH are both traveling and you are concerned about privacy, just have him sit closer to the aisle. (If at all possible, you should try to get a window seat.

    When I traveled with DD as a lap infant, I would have cried if I hadn't brought our boppy pillow.  She nursed to sleep every time and did great. 

  • Its easy to travel with a baby that young, when they want to move around all the time that's when its hard. Just remember to feed him during take off and landing, don't start feeding till the plane starts speeding down the runway or he could finish before takeoff, and you want him to pop his ears :) I once made the mistake of letting my son start eating when we were taxing towards the runway, and he finished before we even started. The boppy pillow is a good idea, I tried bringing the Ergo to hold him while he slept, but it was only good as a padding for him to sleep on top of the tray table.

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