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multi-directional baby swing

I have been looking at the different sites and it seems like the only multi-directional baby swings with a harness are the bright star ingenuity swings.  I like the look of some of the fisher price ones better, but they say right on the infromation "until 25 lbs or until baby can climb out" and that makes me think there is not harness and I don't want the plastic plate on there all the time.  Anyone got any details or a other product suggestions? 

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  • My FP swing was listed until 25lbs or until baby can climb out, also.  It has a 3 point harness, not 5 point.  I don't know of any swings that have a 5 point harness, because it didn't interest me.  DD laid back enough in the swing, and we didn't use it much after she could sit up on her own.

  • The Fisher Price My Little Lamb swing has a harness and is multi-directional. DD is 19 months and doesn't even weigh 25 pounds so you will probably give it up way before hitting the limit. I think we gave it up around 5 months. She was much more content in a pack n play or exersaucer/jumparoo. 
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  • We have a FP Little Lamb swing. It is multi-directional (can face 3 different ways). There was a 3-point harness.  It does have a 25-lb weight limit, but most babies don't hit that size until well after a year old...and DD wanted NOTHING to do with being in the swing after about 6 months old (and even then it was iffy - we only used it on a regular basis till about 5 months old).  Once she learned to sit up on her own, we couldn't keep her on her back like that.
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  • I had the FP lamb swing and we never used the plastic part.  It does have a harness too.  PPs are right, your LO will not be interested in the swing once they're more mobile.  I think we were done with ours by 5 months.  I would go with the FP Snugabunny swing since it has the plug in option.
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  • I don't think there are any swings that don't at least have a 3 point harness; that would be beyond a safety hazard.
  • imagemakinithappen:
    I don't think there are any swings that don't at least have a 3 point harness; that would be beyond a safety hazard.
     Exactly.  Babies can climb/fall out.

    I have the Bright Starts swing and love it.  It is super quiet. 

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  • Thank you ladies!  I could not find anything on the fisher price adds that said anything about harness, just comfort.  That helps a lot.
  • We have the Snugabunny swing and it has a 5 point harness.
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