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I saw you mention some 28 day challenge you're starting on Monday.  Can you tell me about it?  I have fallen off the wagon hard and need to hope back on!

Enjoy your birthday weekend!!

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    I was interested too.  I saw you Pin it, but I don't get it.  haha!
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    Here is the link to the main page from Whole Living.

    Basically you cut out all processed foods. The first week is kind of a cleanse (but you eat!) You can't have- caffeine (ouch!), wheat/gluten, eggs, peanut products, soy, dairy, added sugars, artificial sugars, fruit juice, corn or alcohol (double ouch!) After the first week you start adding certain things back into your diet. On week 2 day 1 you can have wheat/gluten again, but not white bread/pasta only whole grains. Then on a couple days later you add back dairy (low fat, unprocessed... so no "light" yogurts or stuff w/ artificial sugar), another day you can add back in caffeine, then eggs etc. The whole 4 weeks you shouldn't have any alcohol, added sugar, anything processed. They also tell you to stick 3-4oz per meal of organic and/or hormone free lean proteins (chicken, pork tenderloin, salmon... I think red meat is cut out until week 3)  

    I mainly doing it to get my eating back on track. Since going back to work FT we have been eating way too much takeout and frozen junk (not so much Evan, but DH and I.) And also because I've been having some TMI digestive issues. I want to see what is throwing me off. With this cleanse you eliminate all of the foods that could be causing it, and then as you add them back you can see how each type of food reacts to your body.

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