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Heaven in a bowl (not HLG friendly)

This may sound gross...or may not.

My lunch is a huge scoop of Kraft Mac n Cheese in a bowl of tomato soup. lol It is amazing! I have put gold fish in my soup, and tomatoes in my mac n cheese before.....but never the two together. 

I feel good today! =)

Re: Heaven in a bowl (not HLG friendly)

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    Sounds interestingly good!

     Right now cereal is pretty much the only thing I want/can stomach. I'm eating like 5 bowls a day...

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    That does sound good! I love loading up my tomato soup with shredded cheddar cheese, so I'm sure it's not that much different.
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    I bet that would be good! I always put cooked pasta in my tomato soup... usually elbows or small shells.

    My aunt makes her homemade mac & cheese w/ a can of tomato soup! 

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