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We finally found a Nanny

What a process. Yikes, I was so sick of interviewing people. I thought I'd never find anyone. But the kids absolutely LOVE this girl and she is amazing with them. I'm so happy I was so picky. Well some of the girls were interesting...We interviewed one girl who said 6 words the entire time she was there and texted about 12 times through the interview and was an hour late.  Then one girl said she hated older kids (yes she used the word hate), but little ones were ok. Oh, then there was the girl who came with about 15 piercings on her face, huge plugs in her ears and tattoos all over her arms and neck. Probably nice but she looked scary.These girls I got off of

When I called R.I.T. and talked to their personnel dept., they had some names of college students who were looking for nanny positions due to night classes. First interview was amazing. Her references were golden and I just got a really good feeling about 2 minutes into meeting her.  So I'm doing my happy dance:)




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