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TGIF!! Weekend plans?

The weekend is here!!  What do you have planned?

Tonight: Nothing!  Just doing the laundry and relaxing with DH and the girls. 

Saturday: Grocery shopping, DH is going to cut wood for a while.  We're taking the girls to my parents house in the evening and going to dinner with friends.  We're going back to our BFFs house to play games after that, I'm really excited for some friend time!

Sunday: DH will be cutting wood again so I'll just hang out with the girls and do some cleaning.  My parents, Grandma and sister are coming over for the Super Bowl so I'll be making some yummy food, too!

Have a great weekend ladies and go Giants!  (FTR, as a Cowboys fan, it PAINS me to root for the Giants, but I hate the Patriots even more!)

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Re: TGIF!! Weekend plans?

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    celebrating my birthday, alllll weekend! ;)

    today: dh and I both took the day off. I'm waiting for him to get his lazy butt outta bed! We just have some running around to do and we will probably go out for lunch. I also have to clean up the house and grab something for my dad and E for dinner, since he will be babysitting tonight. tonight: I'm going to my SIL's baby shower, DH is bowling and a friend is taking my spot. Once the shower is over I plan to meet up w/ everyone for a drink after bowling.

    saturday: the day I've been looking forward to... Spa Day! My best friend and I are going for breakfast and to the spa to be pampered! Then I hope to get to the mall... I have lots of birthday coupons for freebies! ($10 @ vicky's, free gift @ Sephora) and I want to find something to wear to dinner. DH is taking me to Black & Blue. Evan is having a sleepover w/ Baka and Papa.

    sunday: sleep-in, I hope! Be lazy most of the morning. I have to go grocery shopping to prepare for the Whole Living 28 day challenge I'm starting on Monday. Plus get stuff to make a couple apps to bring to my parents. We are going over there in the afternoon for my birthday party/super bowl party. Stuffing my face w/ yummy, fatty food and cake before starting my cleanse on Monday! ;)

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    DH works today and tomorrow, so I'm on my own.  So far, besides reading a few books to ellie with ds in my other arm, one of them has been sleeping.  So it's good.  But it's only 8:45am haha.

    Tomorrow is BIL's birthday.  And I was hoping for dinner at my parents' house.  But they want to go to Dinasour BBQ.  So we will be attempting to take the kids out to dinner, yikes!

    Sunday - church.  My grandma was taken to the hospital yesterday (not sickness - her kidneys and fluid levels are not doing well), so if she is discharged, we will probably go visit her.  Then just relax.  I will probably encourage DH to go watch the superbowl with a friend since I'm not going to bother staying awake once DS is down.

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    Happy Birthday NikCole!

    Today:  I have a Dr's appt at 3, and DH's track meet got moved to today so he'll be gone all night.  I'll pick up J from my friend's and will end up being there a few hours.  I'm hoping maybe she will get worn out there and go to bed kind of early so I can work on painting the baby's room or doing something productive in there!

    Saturday:  I don't think we have too many big plans.  DH has had a cold this week (so you know, it's been the end of the world) so if he plans on being unproductive, then he will be hanging out with J for most of the day.  The second part to the nursery has to be sanded, and painted yellow and the white trim is going to get done this weekend.  We also have to go to Lowes or Home Depot and look at the glass catalogs either on Sat or Sun and get something ordered and I'm not doing it alone with J!  The molding has to be put up too but IDK how to do the angles so I'm guessing that will have to wait.  

    Sunday:  I'm going to keep up with the stuff around the house, I have a feeling DH will be glued to ESPN all day.  I would also like to work on starting a quilt for the baby, but cutting the fabric might have to do, since Jules very much likes to help at the sewing machine. 

    Hope everyone has a good weekend!  Think productive thoughts for me :)

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