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Who took your siggy?  I LOVE IT!  She looks just like J.

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    Aw thanks, you have a good eye with photography so it must be a good one :) I love it but it makes me a little sad too because she looks so grown up in it.  I wasn't sure about putting my belly out there for the world to see.  I'm still deciding if I'll post it on FB.  A local photographer named Jennifer took it.  She actually took some maternity shots when I was pregnant with J and some newborn shots too, to build up a portfolio.  We've stayed in touch on FB and her son just turned one and I told her if she was looking for anyone maternity wise, she knew who to contact :)   It was nice because she came to my house, which definitely helped with Jules.  I'm not sure how many shots she was able to get but I should get the CD next week, if there's more that I love (hopefully!) I'll post or PM you some. 
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    Put it on FB!  You look tiny!  That's awesome that you found someone local that you like.  I personally feel that pictures like this always looks better when you're in your own environment, and it helps to keep the sibling comfortable and more open to taking pictures.
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