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NBR- big appt tomorrow

we have an appt with a mortgage guy tomorrow- yay i'm a big girl now! lol

but i'm so nervous, i wasn't exactly smart about money in my late 20's and i wonder how bad that will reflect. we also have some cc debt, 2 car payments and DH has a loan he is still paying on so i'm preparing myself for the worst- whatever that may be. i love that the guy, a friend of my brothers, told me to being in two months worth of bank statements - my last two contain all the christmas spending!- great might as well use the ugly statements to guage things right?

in the meantime DH has got major house fever and will.not.stop.talking about this whole thing. he is really driving me insane. he's either online looking at houses or at my parents talking/arguing with them about this house or that or yammering on and on and on about finances, and houses.  i think that if there really is a God he'd let me win the lottery so i won't have to kill my DH before he drives me insane.

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