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Kids & Vday

Are you giving your kids anything for Valentine's day?

Do they have any celebrations or projects for preschool etc?


I think I'm getting the kids really little things for Valentine's, like a book and a treat.

DD has to make around 30 valentine's for her class, so she is writing out all her school friend's names and signing her name (plus writing them on the envelopes).  We are halfway there, but it's a project!

Re: Kids & Vday

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    My sitter celebrates every year with a Valentines Day tea party.  The kids bring valentines in and then the parents buy goodies for bags she puts together.  My dh and I will probably get them some treats or possibly books.  We don't go overboard.
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    I hate valentines day- always have- ...My UO is its a stupid "holiday" but I did buy valentines for L to send out to close family and some of his friends...
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    It will be the only night that week that will be normal for us, so we're just planning on enjoying some family time. I'm not huge on V-Day anyway. Ian's been such a trooper lately with being sick and adjusting to his new room at DC, so I'm planning on getting him one of the cars he's been dying for.

    There's usually a V-day party at DC - they have each kid bring in food or decorations to spiff up the room for afternoon snacktime. I'll get the little cards from the store and attach some type of treat to it.

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    We don't celebrate V day at all between DH and I. We are planning on getting a few things for B but nothing crazy. Probably a couple of balloons. When I was a kid my parents always gave us a balloon on V day with a small box of chocolate. They were good memories so I thought we'd continue the tradition with B, well minus the chocolate b/c I'd end up eating it:)  I might make something nice for dinner b/c DH doesn't have to work.

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